Shar Thae Hoy

Young environmentalist and professional public speaker and trainer of environmental and climate change education, she has incorporated organizational, practical experience and scientific research expertise into her projects and works to promote traditional ecological knowledge in South-East Asia. Have been taking a leading role in public talk events, online community awareness training educating about climate science, behavioral change and sustainably living. Ideally, fostering public participation towards effective innovations in regards to climate change mitigation, adaptation, and resiliency of vulnerable communities in Myanmar.

She finished Bachelor degree in Plant Biology and Environmental Science in 2019 from University of Yangon. She is also an Exchange Student under the supervision of U.S Department of State and Young South-East Asia Leadership Program, established “People and Planet” Short Stories from South-East Asia to amplify indigenous people’s voices on climate change and to share a wider view of sustainable friendly living from indigenous minorities groups. In 2022, she attended Environmental Science And Natural Resource Management program at University Of Montana (The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center, United States).

After finishing the university, she worked with local and overseas organizations from internship to deputy director level including Climateducate Project, Alpha-Team Organization, The Philippine to top-up her professional experience. She has full confidence to apply her strength in the scopes of Environmental Communication, Scientific Report, Data analysis and Statistics, Research Methodology, Project management, Conservation Strategies and Biodiversity Research. She is also eager to conduct the research about the Climate Change and Environmental Education, Youth Participation in Environmental and Climate Movement in Myanmar, Social Research, Nature and Biodiversity conservation, Culture and Indigenous Communities, Ecology and Ecosystem Services, TEK (Traditional Ecological Knowledge).

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