Thet Naing Htun

After completely finished the degree of Bachelor in Arts (Business Management), he continued the learning journey in the ICT and Research areas. He also achieved Post Graduate Diploma in Research Studies from Yangon University of Economics ‌and more interesting in Statistics. To take the middle-range leading role for the specific projects, he also learnt to gain interpersonal and soft skills such as risk management, time management and negotiation skills. He is also a quick learner and able to work with folks in multicultural workplace; flexibility and adaptability.

He started his professional work in ICT sector in 2000. In 2008, he changed his carrier as the project assistant and coordinator in the INGO environment. With the combination of knowledge and experience of ICT and research study, he had been working more than 10 years of Project Implementation, Data Management, Monitoring and Evaluation. He extended the areas of expertise as a freelance researcher for some of social and economic assessments and study until now. He is take the various leading roles of research-team and survey-team leader, moderator, evaluator in different projects.    

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