GIS Application for Environmental Management

GIS Application for Environmental Management

Course Outline:

Unit 1: Introducing GIS in Environmental Management
Unit 2: Environmental Assessment and GIS
Unit 3: Digital Elevation Models
Unit 4: DEMs for Environmental Management
Unit 5: Hydrology Analysis for Environmental Studies
Unit 6: GIS for Ecological Management
Unit 7: Environmental Monitoring with GIS
Unit 8: Land use/cover
GIS – Environmental SDSS

Value Added Supports:

  • Self-paced learning for ArcMap and Vector Data handing
  • Extra Discussion Times
  • Individual Consultation for Practical Work

Total: 36 Hours
(not including the self-paced learning time)

Software and Platform: ArcMap, GRASS GIS, Google Earth Engine

Learning Mode: Virtual Class with Zoom, Dropbox, Viber

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