Corporate Social Responsibility

Define CSR

We, SCOPE Network, fully recognize the concept – “CSR acts in a way that contributes positively to society”. Hereby, we would like to give credit to Culture Amp for this philosophical phrase. We determine the Core Value of our CSR activities as

To Contribute Positively for Our Society

Our services are related to the social, economic, and economic components; therefore, we desire that our CSR activities must include these components to provide a sustainable future and to develop social capacity.

Background of Our CSR Program

We initiated our CSR program during Covid Second Wave in 2020 by providing technical training for the youths who are eager to learn for professional development. We also offer 50% of course fees from commercial training programs to the community-based program; “Altruistic People’s Sharing Program (ကမ်းလင့်သူများ မျှဝေမှုအစီအစဉ်)”. In 2022, the technical webinar series have been arranging monthly, to share knowledge and experiences.

LetSintKan CSR Program

LetSintKan (လက်ဆင့်ကမ်း) means an action of sharing or transferring something from one to another. This program is our main CSR program for the year 2023-24.

Based on the philosophy of quadruple bottom line – our impact on people, the planet, profit, and our purpose – we have formulated the activities for LetSintKan program. At the present, we have three ongoing activities under this program according to our service categories.

  • LetSinKan blog website for knowledge sharing,
  • Empower the Community Capacity, and
  • Provision of Free-Accessed-Trainings.

LetSintKan Blog Website

The blogs written by the members of SCOPE Network and some of collaborated experts are published with corresponding categories. The recorded webinars and short videos are also posted under Learning Corner. Anyone who missed the live sessions or who wants to relearn can watch the videos of their preference. All the blogs and videos are open to write comments to share individual opinion on the discussion topic.

The website also includes the public space called “Discussion Corner” in which everyone can initiate and participate the public forums and create posts to discuss. Welcome to Our Community!

Empower the Community Capacity

“Working for/in/with Community.”

This is one of our basic principles to practice taking care of the community.

Whenever we conduct the project in community, we usually purchase necessities from the vendors of corresponding community, as a priority. Now, we extend our community cooperation to hire the required human resources from the community. If necessary, we arrange the capacity building training for knowledge, skills, and technology accordingly.

Here is one of our successful stories in applying this practice on ground.

Provision of Free-Accessed-Trainings

Start from May 2023, we provide the following two free-accessed-trainings through Thin-U Learning Platform.

In the last two quarters of 2023, we will arrange another two new courses to open as free-accessed-trainings. We would like to invite you as an interested stakeholder, to suggest us what kinds of trainings/courses that we should formulate to deliver.

LetSintKan’s Partnership Program

To implement more effective CSR activities, we are looking for CSR partners as we believe in the synergy concept. As the first step, we offer our CSR proposal for capacity building programs to local organizations and businesses as much as we can reach out.

We will develop a tailor-made course for capacity building of the community which will be reflected in the theme of your organization. The course will be delivered on Thin-U Learning Platform for 12-month period.

We understand that your organization should have benefits from this CSR program such as community impact, employee alignment, brand loyalty, and bottom line. We will ensure a MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning) action to prepare the evaluation report for information driving into your organizational CSR program.

In the year 2023 of 10th anniversaryE Guard Environmental Services looks outward for their contribution from employee to society. Their BOD desires to collaborate with us to formulate a training program to create an open opportunity of learning essential soft skills by everyone. Now E Guard becomes the foremost partner of LetSintKan CSR Program.

Our CSR Fund

SCOPE Network has been set up within the modern VUCA environment with only social and knowledge capitals. The members of the network have joined according to their willingness-to-integrate.

Benefit Sharing with Community” is our common outlook.

We don’t need to jump! We need to build and keep the CSR program to be sustainable.

Therefore, we plan to save our own CSR fund with 5% of our gross income before tax, starting from the third quarter of 2023. The contributions and participations of the SCOPE Network’s Members are not be under an obligation. It would be according to their individual willingness commitment.

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