Working for/in/with Community

Working for/in/with Community

If we are going to work in any community or for a community, we must (not should) cooperate with the corresponding community as much as possible. Opportunities and profits must be shared with them. If necessary, we have to arrange the capacity building training for knowledge, skills, and technology as appropriate.

To summarize, it is “Working for/in/with Community”.

This is one of our basic principles to practice taking care of the community.

SCOPE ‘Network of Professional Services’

At this moment, we are conducting a socio-economic survey in an urban-village area; Ah Lel Village, Hlaingtharya (West) of Yangon.

In order to conduct the survey, we gave the necessary training to the interested youth from the village. It was able to create four-day jobs for (4) people. We gave them full daily wages with market rates, although they are trainees/internships. In future, they can grab relative jobs in part-time or project-based as they received skill training and field experience from us.

Moreover, we determine the local shops and business as our supplier i.e., buying the necessaries, and taking food.

This means that We have to connect with the relevant community as much as we can through backward linkage and forward linkage for our work, and we believe that have done Benefit Sharing with Community.

Documentary photo of our filed survey expert giving a one-day training session at the village monastery on how to conduct the survey questions to young people in the village
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