Stakeholder Management Course

Stakeholder Management Course

A stakeholder can be defined, in simple terms, as any person or organisation whose behaviour or actions will have an impact on a result.


Stakeholders influence the outcome and decisions on projects making them crucial for the success of the initiatives, projects, processes, and businesses in any organisation.

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Stakeholder engagement is the process used by an organization to engage relevant stakeholders to understand their expectations about governance, policies, strategies, practices, and performance. The process involves transparent accounting to stakeholders on performance and on the issues that matter to them. The organization, as part of this process, develops innovative and sustainable responses to issues that matter, presently and in the future.


:: 20-hour learning time
:: 5-hour discussion time
:: online live sessions

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Course Objectives

:: Understand on how to manage the stakeholders
:: Understand the steps of stakeholder’s analysis
:: Examine the influence, impact and attitude of stakeholders
:: Formulate effective communication and management plan
:: Design and develop engagement strategy

Course Outline

(1) Stakeholder Introduction
(2) Stakeholder Management
(3) Communicating and Working with Stakeholders
(4) Engagement Planning
(5) Engagement Implementation
(6) Evaluation and Action Plan

Course Orientation

Batch (02/23)
Tentative Schedule: May 2023

Course Fee:
Regular Rate: 100,000 Kyats
Special Rate: ???

Tel: 095084203, 09767009090
Viber: 095084203

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